JCIOur Service. What we do, differently.

We provide outsourced hospital laundry services in Indonesia. Cleaning process that we apply are designed based on standard from JCI (Joint Comission International), and proven by Balai Besar Laboratorium Kesehatan Jakarta laboratory test.

Ensure clean linen to be trully hygienic and bactery freeCertified ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 by BVI Using Ozone technology that kills 99.99% microbiologyProven germ free by microbiology laboratorium Universitas IndonesiaBarrier Washing MachineISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004Hygienic Ozone (O3) ProcessTested on UI Laboratorium Hygienic SolutionFor Hospital Laundry   Healthcare Laundry applies international standard as a trusted hospital landry. We put the highest quality in cleaning process to produce hygienic and bactery-free linen. More on who we are