Delta Healthcare Laundry

About Us

About Us

aus1 Healthcare Laundry is an Indonesian based company, providing laundry services for hospitals in Indonesia. We are the first healthcare laundry (hospital laundry) in Indonesia that designs and builds based on “Planning, Design, and Construction of Healthcare Facilities” from JCI, so Delta Healthcare Laundry Indonesia can help hospitals to achieve the Joint Commission Hospital Accreditation. Our main operating laundry is located at GunungSindur, Bogor, with more than 5,000 square meters space.

Our Background

The founder of PT. Delta Inti Indoensia (Healthcare Laundry) is the third generation from a family that has been in laundry industry for decades. Started with his grandfather and grandmother that opened ‘waserii’ or laundry in colonial era, at Jl. Guntur, Jakarta Selatan. Then in 1952, his parents open a ‘binatu’ in Mayestik, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan. We also has commercial laundry that is developed and located in 15 big cities in Indonesia.

Quality and Environmental Policies

PT. Delta Inti Indonesia is a Healthcare Laundry that improves Indonesians’ welfare through international standard healthcare laundry services.

  • Provide clean and hygienic Healthcare Laundry
  • Help infection prevention and control at hospitals in Indonesia
  • Continuous improvement to provide clean and hygienic linen for hospital patients
  • Prepare a competent and solid team of Healthcare Laundry staffs
  • Committed to prevent environmental pollution and keep a sustainable living
  • Working safely and healthily, hence respecting environmental aspects in all company activities
  • Committed to obey all environmental laws and rules in company operations

PT Delta Inti Indonesia continuously improves company performance by implementing integrated international Quality Management System standard ISO 9001 and Environmental Management System ISO 14001.

The Importance of Healthcare Laundry

Laundry serves an important role in every healthcare’s infection control and prevention (based on standard hospital accreditation guide (JCI) PPI 7.1 page 180). Hospital should also follows government regulation on hospital laundry standards (Keputusan Menteri Kesehatan Republik Indonesia Nomor 1204/MENKES/SK/X/2004). When patients come to a hospital, they are always exposed to many textiles, such as bed sheets, blanket, staff’s attire, and a lot more. As studies have shown that textile can be considered as an object capable of carrying bacteria or infectious microorganism (Tinker, 2010). By preventing patient from being in contact with dirty and infectious textiles, we expect to reduce number of infections and support hospitals in giving high quality service for patients. To achieve this, a normal laundry will not be enough. We put into practice the international standard of delivering hygienically clean textiles for healthcare. Our facilities and equipment are designed specifically to prevent infection and disease to be transmitted through textiles, such as barrier walls and washing machine, air circulation, barrier trolley washing machine, etc. We implement system based on The Healthcare Laundry Accredition Council (HLAC) and Textile Rental Services Association of America (TRSA). Workflow is also designed specifically to limits the potential of contamination, while giving adequate space and distance to work effectively.