Is our hospital’s laundry hygienic?
“Who use our hospital’s linen and uniform yesterday?”
“Whose linen will we use tomorrow? What kind of disease that he got? Is it clean?”
“Is this hospital already meet the international hygienic standards?”
That is the question that we will ask our self if we realize that, there is many hospital that still doesn’t meet the international standard (EN-14065: 20 colony forming unit/100 cm²).


Can ask we the hospital meet clean linen quality with international hygienic standard?
We and our loved ones as consumers in generMake sure out hospital’s laundry al, protected by the law on consumer protection No. 8, 1999 Article 4.a. About consumer rights is the right to comfort, safety, and security in consuming goods and services.
Make sure out hospital’s laundry meet hygienic standards. Be a smart patient   Descending order Of Resistance to antiseptics and disinfectants


Sertifikat ISO 9001 : 2015 & ISO 14000 : 2015

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